Speaker Deadline June 20th. Live Event December 7th, 2024. Date Change Due to Holiday Conflict Request.


TEDxBelltownWomen is buzzing with fresh energy as we gear up for an exhilarating 2024 event! We can't wait to see you in person for an all day experience with a common thread of reinventing realities. We're dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled experience. Join us in Seattle for a full agenda of TEDx real talk, performances, great food, and entertaining experiences. We round out the day with a networking happy hour, appreciation celebration and plated dinner. This is followed by an after party to keep that networking and community good going. You can also join us streaming the day of, to connect, share your insights, and become part of our transformative journey. Hosted December 7th, 2024, with the theme of UnlimiTED: Reinventing Realities. Location and agenda announced soon. #UnlimiTED2024

Contact us: events@tedxbelltownwomen.com

  • Speaker Submissions

    Applications are open! We are excited to see your submissions on unique and interesting ideas within this year's theme. No matter how outlandish or new, we want to hear it. Apply by June 20th, 2024. Who can apply? Women, those who identify as female or men who support women with an applicable idea. Anyone can apply outside of Seattle and beyond, however, regional speakers will be considered first.

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  • Performer & Entertainer Submissions

    Want to be part of the experience and showcase your talents? Applications are open for performers for TEDxBelltown Women. Who are we looking for? Dancers, comedians, musicians, acrobats, and other types of performers who fit within this year's theme and will enhance the audiences experience and convey a message to explore. Apply by June 20th, 2024 to be considered for the live event.

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  • Volunteer & Organizing Team Submissions

    Applications are open for volunteers and assistant organizing staff. These key opportunities include volunteers the day of, and part time volunteers for multiple positions. This is a great way to meet incredible people, network, gain experience, share your skills, and also attend the TEDxBelltown Women events, and other opportunities. Roles may include, volunteer coordinators, event management, speaker coaching, sponsorship outreach, marketing, co-curator, etc. Rolling applications are considered.

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    Thank you to all donors, sponsors, businesses, and media partners – you help create a truly inspiring community event and your contributions are tax deductible. Mark your calendar for TEDxBelltown Women December 7th, 2024, and let's show up for our community! 


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